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Year 4

We hope that this information will help you support your child with their learning during Year 4.

Overview of Year 4 topics:

Term 1 and 2 - What was it like to live in an ancient civilisation?

A history and geography based topic looking at this fascinating time in history. We will be looking at the mummification of Egyptians, all of the different uses of the River Nile and what life was like for ancient Egyptians.

Term 3 and 4 - How is Africa a continent of contrast?

A geography based topic looking at the customs and traditions of this continent including its position and the countries that make it up.

Term 5 and 6 – Is everywhere the same as here?

A geography based topic looking at the physical and human features of the local area and comparing it to other regions in the UK and around the world. We will also be exploring maps and tourism.

Weekly Timetable
PE – will be twice a week, one indoor session and one outdoor. Please ensure your child has the correct kit in school at all times. Swimming in is Term 1 and 2 for Miss Thorn’s class, Term 3 and 4 for Mrs Hansford’s class and Term 5 and 6 for Miss Stone’s class.

There will be weekly cooking sessions throughout the year with Mrs Porter.

Forest school will be on a Friday afternoon on a rota basis.

We are working towards transition in to Upper Key Stage 2 therefore we have high expectations of the children becoming independent learners who take ownership and responsibility for their learning;These are the targets for all children to achieve in Year 4.

  • I am responsible for my learning
  • I can choose the appropriate resources for the task.
  • I know how to present my work.
  • I know what to do when I am stuck or finished.
  • I know what I am expected to do.
  • I can use the time given to me effectively.

Changing books – children will have the opportunity to change their reading books during the school day.
Reading at least three times a week – in order for children to make their best progress across the curriculum in year 4 they will benefit from reading frequently at home. We encourage you to hear them as often as possible and write in their message book. We will aim to hear every child read individually or in a group once a week.

Children will have weekly personalised spellings, linked to our support for spelling programme or key words as appropriate, to learn. As homework they will be asked to practise their spellings. They will also have spelling tasks to complete during school. We will formally test them each week.

We will be looking at a range of genres during the year working with the children to improve sentence structure and independent writing.
Handwriting - As a school we are all following a handwriting scheme which the children will have regular opportunities to practise and see modelled.

The year 4 curriculum has a big focus on mental maths skills and informal written methods. To support this we are continuing a whole school initiative to raise standards and confidence in arithmetic skills. Your children will have an arithmetic test every week on a Friday. We would expect your child to be regularly practising their ties tables at home. A booklet with lots of useful tips to help your children with their tables was sent home at the beginning of Term 2.

Your child will be expected to complete the following tasks for homework every week:
  • Times table practise
  • Reading at home with an adult (at least three times)
  • Spelling practise (use the spelling sheet given out each week to record practising)

    Please make sure you look in your child’s book bag each day to check for letters and return slips as soon as possible.

    If you do need to speak to us about an issue please try to leave it until after school as first thing in the morning is usually very busy (unless it is urgent).

Y4 Egyptian Museum 30th November 2018

As part of our Egyptian topic, we'd like to invite you to visit our Egyptian Museum on Friday 30th November.
The children have been studying Ancient Egypt  for the last two terms to produce exhibits to showcase at the museum which we will be running in the street outside the Y4 classes.
If you are able then please arrive a little early next Friday (30th November) at 2.30pm  when the  children  can show you their work and talk to you about the things they have discovered over the last 12 weeks. Tea , Coffee and some Egyptian Snacks will be  available too.