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Is Home Where the Heart is?






Year 6 REAL Project Spring Term 2019



SATs - Key Stage 2 Assessment

What are they?​
•National tests taken by all Year 6s.
•A mixture of formal tests marked externally and teacher assessment.
•They are used to show the progress your child has made during their ‘primary education’.

How are we preparing?
•Normal classroom learning.
•Some additional support.
•Practice papers.

What will be assessed?

















Weekly diaries and timetables
As we are endeavouring to improve the children’s independence ready for the transition to secondary school we encourage them to take responsibility for their own organisation. We therefore provide them with a weekly homework diary in which they record any homework tasks and any other things that need to be remembered during the week. Regular home reading should be recorded in here at least three times per week. We welcome any feedback and this can be written in diaries.

This is a very important year in terms of the development of the children, not just academically but as maturing young people who need to be confident and prepared for their next steps to secondary school. We encourage and scaffold the following attitudes and behaviours in our year 6 pupils:

  • I am a positive role model for younger children at Ashcombe
  • I am responsible for my learning
  • I arrive at school and leave school with the correct resources and equipment
  • I am aware of and adhere to our Ashcombe Golden rules
  • I am constantly striving to develop my skills further

​Thank you for your continued support in this final year of your child’s education at Ashcombe.