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We realise it can be strange and a little nerve-wracking starting a new school and there always seems to be so many questions to ask, so we’ve created a handout that aims to provide you with information about our Parent Teacher Association which forms a major part of school life here at Ashcombe Primary School.

We are very fortunate to have the AFA. It has been an integral part of the school community for many years. In its time the AFA has raised thousands of pounds, which has been spent on equipment and resources to enhance our children’s education experience and the school’s facilities. In recent years it has funded playground equipment and the outdoor classroom’s covered seating.

Get Involved!

All parents and members of the school community are encouraged to get involved, even if they only have a small amount of time available. There are lots of ways you can help and support the school, and thereby your child, through the AFA.

Offering to help before events or at other times during the year is so valuable. It doesn’t matter if you can’t help on a regular basis, or even if you cannot come into school. There are always jobs that can be done from home if you have half an hour to spare e.g. wrapping gifts, preparing raffle tickets etc. We really couldn’t achieve what we do without the behind the scenes help that we receive.

If you would like to be more involved you can volunteer to be a Committee Member. Or you can simply support the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and give us your ideas for fundraising events. This is also the time to ask questions or voice your opinion. The AGM is held at the beginning of the academic year and provides an opportunity for all parents to come along and hear in more detail about our work, the events we have run, the funds we have raised and how the money has been spent.

The AFA Committee meets on a regular basis with smaller working groups meeting as necessary when we are planning larger events. We have a growing list of AFA volunteers who commit some of their time to helping the committee. Every little helps, so just one hour assisting at an event would be invaluable.

Alternatively you can help by letting us know if you have any contacts or skills we could use, everything is potentially valuable to us.

Our email address is or you can contact us via the school website.

Raising Money
The majority of our funds are raised through the events that we run. There is something going on all year round. Some of our most popular events are:

Summer Fayre
Easter Fayre
Christmas Fayre
Family and Children's Discos
Book Exchanges

We raise money in other ways too. Donations from parents are extremely important. You can donate time, items for sale, raffle prizes or offers of services and skills.

Spending the Money Raised
Following a fundraising event the money is banked straight away. It is at our AFA Committee meetings, that the decisions on how to spend the money are agreed.

Usually, Mr Clark will have a ‘wish list’ of items that the school would like the AFA to consider funding. The AFA funds are spent on the ‘extras’ that are not provided by the school’s budget, thus making our children’s learning experiences so much more fulfilling and exciting.

The money we raise is usually spent fairly quickly. That way, you can be sure that in supporting our school, your children will feel the benefit, along with everybody else.

Getting information to you
Flyers are put into children’s book bags about forthcoming events and dates, plus requests for assistance, when we are planning large events. Following an AFA event, we always let you know how much was raised, and if we can, we tell you what the money will be spent on.

We are also featured on the school website.

What the AFA Means To Our School
Because our AFA involves the whole school community we thought you would like to know what others think about it.

"Ashcombe Friends Association has supported the school in many ways for many years. The voluntary work of this band of volunteers has been instrumental in raising funds for many school projects. Both infant and junior adventure playgrounds were installed using funds from the AFA and these have seen over the years many hundreds of children devoting their energies to their use. In more recent times the AFA have directed thousands of pounds of their funds to our climbing net, covered seating area in our newly refurbished pond area and even a new tea urn for use at all of our community events, from weekly class assemblies to school fayres. Many of the larger school events that families attend are organised and run by the Friends Association and it is this community building aspect of their work that is equally as important as raising funds. Our school is one big community that Ashcombe Friends Association supports whole heartedly. The Friends support our children and families in so many ways. Please support them in whatever way you can. We all need friends like these".

And Finally...

Thank you for taking the time to read this information. We hope you now know a little more about your Ashcombe Friends Association. On behalf of all the pupils we would like to thank you for your very valuable support which enriches their learning experience and makes their time in school so enjoyable.

To view the PowerPoint from the AFA information evening click here

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