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Late/Absence Procedures

Please call the school office on 01934 620141 to report your child absent from school and leave a message on the Absence Line Voicemail as early as possible on the day of absence.


Failure to call and record the absence will result in your child being recorded as an unauthorised absence.


If your child is absent from school for a medical/dental appointment please inform school in advance and provide proof of appointment.


If you would like to request a leave of absence then please complete the form below and return via email to 


If your child is going to be late for school then please call 01934 620141 and inform the school explaining the reason for the lateness, if your child will be having a school provided lunch then this must be ordered before 8.15am via the Aspens Website If you are unable to pre-order your lunch before 8.15am then please send your child in with a packed lunch.