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Are you eligible for free school meals?

​All children in Reception, YR1 and YR2 are entitled to receive the universal infant free school meal, however schools can get extra funding if parents are in receipt of certain benefits, therefore please still try the checker below.

By completing an assessment below you can quickly check whether your child is eligible for free school meals.  It takes only a few minutes and you'll get an answer straight away.

If you are eligible you need to print or save the eligibility letter to take to your school.

Please note that both parents may need to check eligibility separately. If you have more than one child checks will need to be made for each individually.

Re-checks need to be completed before the start of every new term.

Entitlement runs for one term. You will need to apply every school holiday. Please apply from 1st August onwards if you would like free school meals for the September 2017 term.