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Morfa Bay April 29th 2024

MORFA BAY 2024 KIT LIST Children will need to be involved in packing their own things, so they know exactly what they have with them! We have included a checklist that you can use whilst packing together and if you pop a spare copy of your child’s list in with their luggage it may help ensure that they bring it all back home too!

We will be  OUTSIDE ALL day EVERY day Each child will be issued with their own personalised MORFA BAY HOODIE! Please could all children wear these for our outward bound journey!


ESSENTIALS Sleeping bag Pillow These need to be securely packed in a bin liner and named 2 bin bags 4 carrier bags Onesie or PJ’s & Dressing Gown Toiletries 2 Large Towels 2 Swimming Costumes/trunks 4 T-shirts 2 or 3 Hoodies /Jumpers PLENTY of Underwear/Socks (ideally dark in colour) 4 Pairs trousers WARM /WATERPROOF COAT (more substantial than just an anorak) WARM WOOLLY HAT (more than one would be ideal!) THREE PAIRS of strong, comfortable shoes  One old pair that can get wet and be thrown away on our return home! They will be worn in VERY muddy fields, puddles, lakes and the SEA! (OLD trainers or daps would be ideal)  One pair for walking (waterproof walking boots would be best if possible, if not strong, substantial, comfortable trainers)  One pair for wearing in the evenings (to be kept dry!) Plastic/Thermal mug for bedtime Hot Chocolate!


Water Bottle – please, please, PLEASE check that it DOES NOT LEAK! ESSENTIALS £10 Pocket Money – in £1 or £2 coins – in a NAMED wallet or purse On our last night we all get dressed up for a FESTIVAL/DISCO/BBQ NIGHT! Please pack a separate, labelled carrier bag with some WARM party clothes (as we will be outside for the BBQ!) You may include a small amount of face glitter/flowers if your child wishes to go fully festive! For the MUDDY ASSAULT COURSE – Children will need a separate, labelled carrier bag of OLD CLOTHES that can be THROWN-AWAY upon our return. It is also a good idea to pack a separate, labelled carrier bag containing clean, dry, comfy CLOTHES for your child’s return journey OPTIONAL EXTRAS Waterproof trousers – in the event of a rainy week these would be handy! 1 Teddy /cuddly toy Stamped, addressed postcard (to be written and sent home) A magazine to read – children like to share these in their Dorms Card games (UNO, Dobble etc …) or a sketch pad and pencils etc… many children like to cosy up and gather round the fire in the den in their free time to play games or draw/colour. PLEASE NOTE THAT CHILDREN ARE NOT PERMITTED TO BRING ANY TECHNOLOGY WITH THEM – THIS INCLUDES CAMERAS, PHONES, WATCHES with the ability to send/receive messages and all HANDHELD DEVICES PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOUR CHILD HAS NOT PACKED ANY ELECTRONIC GOODS (All staff will have mobile phones on them at all times, so we can contact you and the school in the event of an emergency!) Please LABEL EVERYTHING … even socks and pants!


Sleeping bag Warm Woolly Hat Pillow Shoes 1. Old pair (disposable) 2 bin bags Shoes 2. Walking boots/sturdy trainers 4 carrier bags Shoes 3.A ‘Keep Dry’ pair Onesie / PJ’s Mug Dressing Gown Water Bottle (LEAKPROOF!) Toiletries Bagged clothes for Disco Night 2 Towels Bagged clothes for journey home 2 swimming costumes/trunks Bagged clothes for the MUDDY Assault Course (can be disposed of on return) 4 T-shirts/Tops Stamped, addressed postcard 4 Hoodies/Jumpers Magazine or book MY MORFA BAY HOODIE! My Pocket Money has been handed in to school Underwear 1 Teddy / Cuddly Toy 4 pairs trousers /bottoms WARM WATERPROOF COAT