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Spelling Bee

As part of the National Curriculum, writing expectations have been raised and in particular a strong emphasis has been put on spelling. To raise the profile of spelling further in our schools, we are excited to announce that we will once again be running the annual Spelling Bee Competition with the other schools within our Kaleidoscope Academy.


In order to decide on our finalists, we will be running Spelling Bee heats in our own schools. The winning two children from each year group will then go through to a final which will be held on Monday 27th March 2023 at St Martin’s.


To support your child at home, we have attached the spellings that the children will be expected to learn. As this will form part of your child’s homework every week, please help them to practice these spellings, reading them out loud with your child. You may find the look, write, cover method helpful. During the final competition, children will be allowed to write their answers down before reading it out loud.